After flying into Seattle, we were picked up by one of my mum’s friends from when she lived in America, and taken to the Pike Place Market. I stuck my 35mm 1.8 on and we wandered around the market. It’s so much easier to take photos in this kind of market compared to the ones in Morocco, where you stood out so much, and everybody clocks you so instantly that it’s impossible to stay candid. Here, you can blend in easily, and you can hover metres away from people without them seeing you.

As we entered, I spotted this man with his photography prints from the local area


Slowly moving around the stalls, quietly, I noticed this girl sorting out her stock, under a row of baby-grows


I loved the lighting in the market, it was so warm, and the lights are pretty retro looking. There was a gap in the stalls, so I leant in and made the most of the long lines of lights.


This old man was standing, looking quite lost, but he spotted me a mile off for whatever reason. I really liked the reflection in his glasses, and his fixing stare, so I was determined to get the shot, even though he saw me. To get out of a situation like this you have two options really: the friendly ‘ Yeah I took your picture’ routine of smiling and walking on, or going over and showing him your picture. The other option is ‘Denial’ to point away from him a bit, pretend you’re taking a picture of something else, or just to leg it once you’ve taken the picture.

For me I’ll normally just take the picture, and walk on, without making eye contact or checking the picture.


By pretending I was taking pictures of the food, I could lean over the stall a bit, and set this serious shopper in the midst of the colourful lights.


This guy was working on the fish stall, this was his face just after throwing the fish across the counter:


The market started to close up, so we drove round to the space needle. There was a festival on; it seems like there’s always something on in America! So it was quite busy. I managed to setup a long exposure by the Café, capturing the orange tinted clouds streaking past the needle.


After a quick dinner in the café, we went up the needle. My intentions were to get a load of shots of the skyline, but it got a bit samey after a while -it was something that thousands of other people had already taken, and it was also tricky to set up a tripod.


The bokeh of the city lights was beautiful, and the telescopes made an interesting dark foreground to contrast.

DSC_7620 DSC_7622

This guy was staring out at the lights, transfixed by the bright lights.




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