Juneau, Alaska

Our first destination on our cruise was Juneau.
It was actually sunny which was surprising as it seems to rain in most of Alaska constantly.

We got a bus to the visitor centre next to nugget falls, and then walked up to the falls – It’s a fairly short walk, and an incredible sight. I stuck on my 10 stop filter, and did some dreamy landscapes by the falls.

I climbed up the falls – which I don’t really recommend doing as it’s pretty dangerous, but it does give you quite an incredible view, and you can get right next to the fall.DSC_8197

We then did the walk in the woods, which is pretty long and tiring, and to be honest you can’t see a lot, but it’s a nice outing nonetheless, with some wildlife and lots of trees!





We then got the bus back to the ship; it’s quite a cool old-looking bus, and with the lighting I think it wanted this sepia treatment. I’m tending to use sepia much more lately, as something’s don’t suit a complete monochrome transition, but need some colour removing for simplification.DSC_8342If you have any questions about where to go/ travel in Juneau, feel free to comment and I’ll try to help.



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