25th week of 2014

I went to the Winchester hat fair on Saturday, not to get pictures of the street performers, but to capture the market stall owners and people watching.

This first picture is a guy called Nick Hooper that makes these one-off incredibly offbeat designs, sourcing the shirts from fair trade friends he met in Zimbabwe. After buying two t-shirts from him I asked him if he could pose next to his shirts for a picture. This is the kind of thing I love, spending a bit more on something truly unique, meeting interesting people, and also supporting both this small company and the workers in Zimbabwe.


These next three are just a few candid’s from the markets and streets. I find events like these make it easier to use your camera in public without getting weird looks, as there are more people taking pictures everywhere.

DSC_7085 DSC_7080 DSC_7073

There was an exhibition on from what I believe was a group of art students from Winchester University. They had a series of lace wedding dresses that were all partially covered by pages from French  books, and I thought this contrast between textures and patterns in the material was quite interesting; the line of buttons drawing your eye down, along the edge between the fragile paper and the lace.


They also had another set of old wedding dresses with skulls and other objects replacing the heads. I always try to tastefully cut off a section; if you include too much the composition is always less interesting and you have fewer options.


Song of the week:



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