8th week of 2014

On the last day of the holiday, we went to Derwent water to get some long exposures of the lake with fences and jetties. In this scene I liked the easy lead in of the disappearing fence and the contrast of the dark island with the brighter mountains in the background.


When I go on holiday, I like to research the best locations that I feel will provide me with the best photos. To do this, I will go to Flickr; and search something like ‘Lake District’, and then do the sort filter on the top left to most interesting first. This will display the most liked pictures from the area, and generally will be the best pictures. Then, I might see for example one of the photos is from a lake called Buttermere; so I change my search to ‘Buttermere’, and that will then display the best points around the lake to visit. I would really recommend doing this research before visiting an area, not to just copy a photo, but instead to get to the same beautiful scene or whatever it is.

This is what I had done with many of my locations, and this lone tree I found floating around on Flickr; taken at Buttermere lake. My original plan when we reached the lake was to just walk a bit til we found the tree and then go back, but when, a few hours of walking later, we still hadn’t found it, I had truly given up and decided that the water levels in the lake must just be different. It was getting late too, as we hadn’t planned to be walking so long, so it had gotten fairly dark, giving the mist and clouds a deep blue tint. We crossed a bridge and trampled through a field, when suddenly it was just there, a striking dead tree, alone in the lake.
(I don’t think it’s the same tree as the Flickr photo, but by that point I would have happily settled for anything). I can’t decide if I prefer mono or colour…


One night Ollie and I went after dinner so that we could have a little play with wirewool. As I said before, these often look samey unless in a very unique location, as otherwise it’s just sparks against a lot of black. So once we’d finished woolling, Olie noticed that he could see his breath when he was using a torch. To try and capture this, I attached a flashgun to my tripod, and stood Ollie in front of it so that his head blocked out the direct light. I gave Ollie a little trigger to press as he breathed which would set off the flash gun. To make it easier, I set a shutter speed of 2 seconds so that Ollie would have a longer scope to breathe and press the trigger. The light on this side of his face comes from a little torch I was shining on his ears to get him in focus, and I like the way it only reveals a small amount of his face, making the viewer curious about the rest (Hopefully!). Back in Lightroom, I wanted to give the impression it was taken out on a midnight hike up a cold mountain, so I changed the white balance to make everything a little blue.

After visiting the lake, we scrambled up Loughrigg Fell by walking up a small stream.  Once at the top we got an incredible view over Windermere and the towns around. The light was constantly changing with the movements of the clouds, so I tried to capture some fleeting scenes of light.




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