1st week of 2014

Happy New year!
It’s time to start a new Project 52.

If you read lasts weeks blog, then you’ll know I was in Les Coches, which is in the alps, for a skiing holiday this week.

I continued babying my camera, but I did end up taking it skiing with me on the last day, which resulted in several boring landscapes, but also this portrait of my dad. I only took my 50mm 1.8 as its the smallest and cheapest lens I’ve got.


Back at the hotel, I carried on making landscapes at night ( the only time we were there!) and I managed to get two that I liked.

This first one is in the early evening,so there’s still lots of colour in the sky, but it’s past sunset – this is known as the blue hour for those that didn’t know. It’s one of my favourite times because everything has really deep hues, and it’s not as common as sunset pictures.


I took this photo another night, staying out with my tripod after dinner for 10 minutes to build up small star trails. What I liked about this scene was the little village on the mountain, and the way the road with car trails helps to keep your eye circulating. I feel I came to the scene too late, however – the sky was so dark that I had to expose especially for that, meaning everything else was left a bit too light. If I’d taken this in the blue hour, the lights would be more balanced, and the mountains would be better illuminated.



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