52nd week of 2013

Last week of 2013.

I figured I’d try to go out with a bang.

I’m aware you’d probably be expecting pictures from Christmas, but whilst I did take some nice family shots, they didn’t compare to some of the wildlife and landscape pictures I realised I had at the end of the week.

The day after Boxing day I went to a hawk sanctuary, to try out my new teleconverter, and get a feel for using my new battery grip – ( My new toys from christmas ). I got some good pictures of birds, but I really struggled with capturing birds in flight properly. After one of the displays, I spotted all these ducks splashing around in a little pond, and after waiting for one of them to pose them selves in the right way, I fired off 3 pictures on continuous drive, capturing the sequence of the duck washing itself.

Week 52 - Duck splash

The last flying demonstration they did, they let loose some black vultures. By this time I had some experience and I was getting better at aiming the lens; I would try and give you a tip for long lens aiming but really it just comes down to practice! The light was getting better as it was nearing sunset, and this vulture cartwheeled in front of me, so that the underside of its wings were lit up beautifully. My sigma 100-300mm f4 focused brilliantly quickly even with the 1.4x tc, and the bokeh it gives is also great.



On the 28th, we travelled to The Alps for our skiing holiday in La Plagne and Les Arcs. One morning I went out early with my camera to catch the golden tipped mountains before going on the slopes.  What I liked about this was that you get some foreground interest, and the line between light and shadow acts as a leading line off to the right; I could have made this better by placing an element on the other end of this line, so that your eyes are drawn across and you reach something, but I couldn’t see anything suitable.

I did take a film camera with me on the slopes ( I’m still babying my camera! ) and hopefully I’ll process those soon and post them up.




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