49th week of 2013

Its weird to think I only have 3 weeks left of this Project; but don’t worry, I’ll do another one next year!
Hopefully you’ve been able to see a big improvement in my pictures over the past 12 months, I know I can.

As always, I set off every morning and return home in the dark, so my only chance for photos was at the weekend. Then, because I decided to go sailing on both days, therefore this reduced my time to about 10 minutes in the evening after sailing. My sailing club is pretty much opposite Fawley power station, so Just as it had gotten dark I set up my tripod and long lens, and created some long exposures of the steam rising out of the tall chimneys.


I’ve been trying to decide whether I prefer it in mono or colour, but I’ve always been a mono lover, so it won. For me, it shows the dullness of industry, and simplifies the scene.



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