44th week of 2013

This is going to be a long post, I was on holiday in Portugal, sailing around the coast on our boat.

So, as is becoming the norm, I’ll just give a little story behind each photo rather than bore you with my life story.

Me and my dad took our boat round to Portimao from Lagos, a short trip, then we anchored off this huge beach bar that we had the famous party at a few months ago (It’s called No solo agua). After swimming ashore and having a beer and an ice cream, we went back to the boat and we both got some work done. I had spotted earlier that there was a break water out to sea that had lots of people walking along it, I then realised that this walkway would have the sun setting directly behind it. This meant one thing: silhouettes . I watched for a while looking for interesting silhouette subjects, something that is easy to distinguish, but also with an interesting and striking outline.



The same day, I went out onto this walkway and did some star trails as it was an incredibly clear night, with little light pollution. My standard settings for these are 1600 iso, 30 secs, f4, and I’ll typically aim for half an hours worth or so. The reason the stars have gaps is because I was experimenting with light painting and I screwed a load of them up and deleted them. For the foreground I left in one of me lying on the ground with my torch pointing up, and also blended in a ghost of me standing above my body.



A short cut back to the boat whilst carrying what felt like  30kg of shopping involved walking ( probably illegally) through this salt farm. Once in the middle of it, I spotted these derelict buildings mirrored in a salt pool. I had my 50 1.8 on and so I stuck  two photos side by side to get the whole scene.



I rowed ashore in the night to get this. I was in a rush after anchoring up our yacht on the left to get ashore and grab the last of the dusk colours. I’m happy with this one as I wasn’t expecting the lights to reflect so nicely. That and the soft blur of the boats and water contrast with the sturdy sharp mountain nicely for a colourful seascape.



Last of all, a  people shot. Most people I have had look at my works always prefer the people shots, maybe they are bored by the landscapes etc, or they find pictures of people easier to relate to, I don’t know, but it just seems to be the case. This was taken in a rock bar in Albufiera, where the lead guitarist came off the stage and wandered around the bar, then posed for me by the doorway. I deliberately focussed  on the guitar neck, and his hand, so that its different from most, and so that you can see some facial detail too.




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