43rd week of 2013

Celtic new year, autumn colours and geese…

First off, me and my mum visited this festival in Portsmouth that celebrates the Celtic new year, with music, ghost stories, fire and people dressed up as soldiers and witches. They were all held in these round huts with the light spilling out of them.


The next day we went to ‘The Vyne’ in Basingstoke, it’s a National trust house with big grounds that I was hoping would have some autumn colours. In the end there was hardly any colour, so I stuck to some seasonal macro’s and wildlife. I placed the leaf resting on the mushrooms, to give an extra bit of colour.



As we walked back from the woods, these geese started diving in when I walked close to them; so I got down low and made sure I had a fast shutter speed to freeze the water.

Finally, whilst in the woods, I had a bit of an emotional revisit as I went back to where my love for photography began. I took this picture of a bridge around two years back on my phone, I loved something about it, and I wanted to take more nice looking photos. Then for a few months I continued taking photos on my phone, then progressing to old camera’s, then a bridge camera, winning a few competitions, until today I have my own pro set up. This bridge is the reason my life has been changed so much.



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