36th week of 2013

I’m just going to jump right into talking about these photos; on wednesday we went to the New Forest, in pursuit of some wildlife and then at sunset, heading over to Ibsley common to get some nice orange and blue coloures in the sky to compliment the heather that was everywhere. First off – for the deer we did a walk in Ringwood, where they have loads of deer running around. These ones were fairly tame so even with just my Nikon 70-300mm I was fine for length, although I really wished I could get a better depth of field, I’m planning on getting a sigma 100-300mm f4 and sticking a 1.4x tc on it, and hopefully this will OK for wildlife. DSC_0379 After lunch, I eventually managed to navigate to blashford lakes, and we found one lake that had hides all around it. I set up in the tern hide and after a half hour or so we had seen loads of birds; however not close enough for many good pictures. I would recommend this lake for anyone who is a twitcher / bird photographer, there are really good hides and loads of birds! Here is one of the little birds ready to take off. DSC_0510Finally, after we had dinner, I some how managed to navigate to the trail that leads to Ibsley common. We wandered around for a bit, but I couldn’t find Ibsley common; so I just shot another area full of heather. This composition isn’t great but the sun was setting fast so I didn’t have long. I moved the log into the foreground to add a bit of interest there, and then lazily figured that the leading line of the trail would do some magic. DSC_0717

To be fair, the picture does have several good, supporting elements, and the colours are great! Although (If I haven’t already told you / moaned about it before) I’m colourblind , which means that sometimes I don’t pick up on colours in a scene properly. Some photographers make a big deal out of being colourblind, but I find it hasn’t really hindered me much; If I’m struggling I’ll just make it black and white, or ask somebody if the colours look right. On this picture in particular I did struggle in post processing though as there is loads of colours and tones to try to make look right. Criticism and comments always welcomed, Jamie


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