34th week of 2013

Another great week for pictures, many to chose from again. I had accepted that I was never going to get anything good just on the water and around the boat, so most of my shots became at night, mainly streets, sometimes landscapes.

This photo came from the end of a big trip around Lisbon in an open top tour bus,  then a long walk around the town, and up to the big castle there. This picture was taken at the castle about half an hour after sunset; as I didn’t have my tripod with me I had to rest my camera on a wall to keep it steady for this 4 second exposure.

What attracted me to this was firstly of course the amazing view, the lines of houses and the streets that lead you into the picture. Also, the two dominant colours are blue and orange.  Why is this a good thing? I was read an article a while back that was talking about how colours could compliment each other when they are next to each other. Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel work well together in a picture.




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