33rd week of 2013

By now we had reached south portugal, and I’d become insanely bored of the constant boring bright blue sky and (mostly) calm seas. Although we had seen dolphins, the only other wildlife I’d seen was seagulls for a month, trying to not take photos that just looked unthought out and snapshot like was really difficult, and I was left with mainly pictures of flat looking landscapes and seagulls.

Thankfully I managed to dedicate an hour or so over the next weeks, meaning I got the great pictures I was after.

This photo was taken in Figuiera de foz, in Portugal after having tapas with a few sailors we’d met the night before. Whilst the rest of the people on our boat had gone off to a bar a few miles away, I went out on the harbour breakwater to shoot as the sun went behind the 2500m cliffs surrounding the Ria.

The picture is made of 3 pictures shot with a 10 stop nd filter, at f11 , ISO 800, and around 5 minutes exposure, so that I could pick up all the cloud movement and all the colours and details that are picked up by a long exposure. The small light movement you can see is a big tanker turning into the docks.

The only issues I found with this length of exposure is all the noise that you get, I’m not sure how to solve this but I had to use noise reduction in PP which made the picture soft. If anybody has any advice for this, please comment!



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