30th week of 2013

I know, long time no post…  but I’ve just been sailing from Bilbao in Spain, to Faro in Portugal; a total of around 2000 km. Before that I was in America for two weeks as well, so please forgive me!

Here is the route we took on our yacht:

route 13

Any way, the photos from that huge trip will come later; this week’s photo is from when I was still in America.

In our last few days in America, we visited the John Cable grist mill in Cades Cove; with fast flowing water it’s the perfect place for long exposures. By the time I got there, the wheel had stopped spinning, which is what I wanted, so that I could get just the movement of the water pouring down the rich mossy sides of the wheel. I really loved the colour of the old wheel and how it contrasted to the clean, clear water.


I didn’t use an Nd filter for this, just 6″ at f11 and ISO 100.  The composition is pretty much what I wanted, but the focus is not fully on

the lower left corner, which is for me the only bad point about this. I decided that the only way to differ from other photos I’ve seen of

this mill was to zoom in closer and focus on the detail of little drips of water falling off the moss.



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