29th week of 2013


On the 10th last week, we flew out to Chicago for a family reunion and my cousins wedding in Indiana. Although I got some awesome pictures, firstly up the John Hancock Observatory tower and also out by the south lagoon. I would really recommend these areas – the tower had a great view and nobody stopped me from setting my tripod low in the corner. The lagoon reflects all the lights from the city, twisting the city into an upside-down watercolour.

After everything in Indiana, including a sunset and sunrise over a lake after a sleepless night in the lake house, kayaking, tubing, a meet up with an old primary school friend and a day at the dunes beach we did a big road trip to Nashville, via mammoth cave. Nashville was an incredible experience as I love the music there, and we managed to get into the blue bird café which is the best place for up and coming artists. Anyway, the part of the trip I was most interested in was going to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – named for the low cloud that races over the peaks there all the time.

On our second day there we did the famous Cades cove loop road, 11 miles through the forest and fields, renowned for its wildlife, we saw loads of deer, but not a single bear! We pulled in in a few places so that I could get out and make some photos of the beautiful mountain vistas we could get from the road.

This shot for me is one of the best from the holiday, and I feel the mono conversion has made it very powerful. There’s several supporting components to it, which, if you ask any good landscape tog, they’ll say that’s a key thing for creating great images.

Firstly, the opening in the fence, with the path shows an entrance to a large, free and natural expanse, and you can roughly follow the trail with your eyes; which draws you to the mountains in the background. The mountains also have some interesting back lighting which highlights the steam, and gives a touch of light in front. If I could re shoot I’d probably go a bit wider, and push the fence opening the right a bit more.




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