7th week of 2013


For the 7th week of 2013, I was in New York!

We visited all of the typical touristy places, including many memorials. The church near to the 9/11 site was the most heart-wrenching, bringing me the closest to tears I’ve been in a long time; hundreds of pictures of everyone killed, and thousands of notes from grieving relatives made me realise how tragic it must have been.

Whilst on the streets, it was bitterly cold and getting any photos was agony on your hands, also, I found it nearly impossible to get any street photography in focus, as the af system on my camera is extremely slow! ( Fuji HS30exr) To make matters worse, our school trip ‘mob’ never stopped, meaning stopping would result in getting left behind… However, at this crossing, we stopped just long enough for me to catch this struggling old man cross the street with the blur of a taxi in front.


It was very hit and miss, I took hundreds and ended up with about twenty good street shots.

Finally, the cover photo was one from the top of the Rockefella center.


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